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       I came to writing music after the death of my Friend Martha in my 30`s. I then had the chance to move to the mountains, where my symphony flowed, and took it. I follow the belief of the  aborigines of Australia (and Mozart might have concurred ) that music is there in the air patiently awaiting its expression by humans. That is how real music actually is, contrary to the assumptions of the music schools and -business and establishment and professionals.

      In these difficult, perilous times I thought the extraordinary corpus of Western classical music might be one thing very worthy to enter any ark of preservation into the future. I have written music based on the land here - what I hear on walks through the surrounding countryside- the rivers and trees and mountains, and wherever I might be.

I am fortunate to be able to compose thanks to support from my family and working tax credit. I also want to thank my friend Paul Ripley for all his support and encouragement, without whom I could not have been composing.     

Since the blanketting of almost every space in the country or towns with microwave radiation which has ocurred recently, with its  associated destruction now well underway of all exposed life, including the DNA of all animals, plants, and insects including bees (see the recent “die-off” of large numbers of honey bees),- it is much harder for me to forage in the country for music as I used to. In a heavily microwaved area outsided or in, I find there is no musical inspiration and also much reduced mental clarity. However I still find the odd spots in nature where music flows, hidden away from microwaves.